Meet The Owner

People are always asking Monica, owner of Hammer and Stain Covington how she got into this business. We sat down for a casual interview and this is what she said:

“I started out just like you! I saw a post on Facebook from my local DIY studio and I was intrigued. I signed up, took one class, and I was immediately hooked! I had been working on tweaking the decorations in my home little by little and the piece I made at my first workshop completed my dining room decorations perfectly! The excitement I felt  after finding a place to go and spend time with friends in a fun, safe, creative environment AND leave with a gorgeous piece was invigorating!  I took several more classes (and created some awesome decor!) and then found out about the opportunity to open my own studio. The rest is history, as they say.”

“I have learned most women don’t take much time for themselves or get together with friends and family as much as they’d like (myself included!). We all have so many responsibilities and duties that it’s hard to carve out this time for ourselves. There is also a shortage of fun, safe, unique places for women to go with friends if they want to avoid the nightlife scene. That’s where Hammer & Stain comes in! We provide a wonderful atmosphere for women to come by themselves or with family and friends and enjoy an afternoon or evening out. I’ve heard women tell me that they haven’t taken time for themselves in over 5 years and now they come to a workshop once a month to relax and unwind!”


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