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Hammer & Stain DIY Workshop-Covington, What should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets us apart from the competition?

 Hammer & Stain DIY Workshop is a DO IT Yourself workshop that specializes in preparing unfinished wood projects into wall worthy pieces. Upon entering the workshop, it is aprons on, gloves up and get that stain going. Guests enjoy a night of doing a project as an individual, with a group or couples night while enjoying a BYOW atmosphere. 

 We take pride in the service we provide. We are not simply selling a product but the service. Anyone can simply Youtube how to DIY a project but when they come to us we provide all the materials, one on one teaching instruction and a fun filled atmosphere ensuring you go home with a beautiful finished project. 

 The workshops are self-paced rather than formal so that no one feels rushed through their projects. At the end of the night, they have transformed that unfinished piece into a fine work of decor they can proudly display in their home or as a beautiful gift that they put a whole lot of love into. What sets us apart? Being a wood workshop, our motto is "perfectly imperfect" because after all, wood has a personality of its own and is perfectly imperfect just like we are.

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